Saturday, August 25, 2012

Andre Oupoh week1 Day 1 & 2: Pro Basketball Players Training sessions

Andre Oupoh hosts an open gym (invite only) at MiMA and Equinox gym in NYC. The 1st week of training started on Monday, August 20th from through Friday, August 25th times ranged from 12-7pm. Some of the Pro Athletes that came through to get a great workout was Niki Avery , Stacy from (Two01Basketball) and Rell Watson. We also has up and coming pro athlete but currently Big East post player Brittany Webb work on her post moves and get into shape for her upcoming season at Seton Hall. Street ball player Shane and John Hawthorne (Skip) stop by to get a intense workout as well.
Last week open gym consist of ladders drills, ball handling, improving foot work, resistance band drills, strength and conditioning. Dre goal is to help other pro athletes with the ability to work on their craft and improve their game as over athlete and ball player.
Week 1 was a breeze compare to what Andre has in store for these pro basketball players starting week 2 on Monday, August 27th starting at 1pm.
Lika Lemon

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