Sunday, March 1, 2009


SO I WAKE UP AFTER LONG INFECTED NITE OF DRINKS AND DANCING. Just another night out with the cities finest. Who would've knew that I would be with the city's main stream folks. Once reality sat in, I realized that it was noon and I was supposed to be @ work by 10am. Shit, I am late again. I start rushing to get dress and trying to look like I was not partying the nite away the nite before. I called my boss Miquel he told me to hurry up (i hate my job but cant afford to get fired...gotta get money).

Miquel (boss) is a character on his own. He is a real sneaky dude he always has a hiden agenda but for some odd reason he always has my back. As soon as I walk in "Girl6, its cool you know i dont bother you but stop fucking up. I sat down @ my desk and read my emails. My besty texts me about a pool party in Indianapolis for the weekend. For sure I am down. Where the hell is that? Who the hell is out there? Who knows, all I know its a free trip and i get to chill with some Colts players. I am in there like swimwear! VAMOS!!!!