Saturday, August 4, 2012

Andre Oupoh and NYC Kingdom All-Star game

One of NYC hottest and nasty summer day. But summer Bball is at its best in NYC and we rather be nowhere (except maybe the D-league) lol but that's another story. Anyway, check out my baby Andre Oupoh getting buckets with And1 superstars White Chocolate and Futura.

Everyone came later lol

Feet set!

White Chocolate

Talking it over with Futura

Coach Manny get out the pic! Lol

We won! :-)

Coach Manny & Andre Oupoh

White Chocolate & Andre Oupoh

Japan connect! :-)

Light work at the Park. Love NYC Summers because I live NYC Summer Basketball.

💗 u babes!

- Lika Lemon

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