Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stepping Out

I was on my way out somewhere but I don't remember where lol... My room is always messing when I am on my way out...lol

My life! Lol ❤luv it!

Need more closet space. Clothes wouldn't be everywhere if I did lol. Story of my life while living independently in NYC.

This must have been when I was on my way home...lol more pink lip...lol

Trying to have a mini photoshoot in a moving cab!


- Lika Lemon

Ranger Game Flow!

I actually like watching live hockey games...in the sky box tho! Lol

Go Rangers! :-)

- Lika Lemon

Just me

Chilling in the bored outta my mind, missing my boo during feb-April months!

Life as a Bball Player

630am basketball practice with my favorite Bball trainer Andre Oupoh! Lol

Getting back in Bball 🏀shape is no joke, but I love ❤it!


Andre and Me

Before he left to Mexico in February 2012 we did some videos. Just keep us smiling when we were missing each...Lol

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

My babes loves cooking for me... Lol

Shae's Going Party April 6, 2012

SHAE LEFT US TO CONTINUE HIS CAREER IN LA. We are all so proud of him and happy to know when in LA we have somewhere to stay...LOL

Miss you SHAE!!!!! :-)

- Lika Lemon