Sunday, August 7, 2011

Almalika “Lika” Lemon making a come back on the Summer Streetball scene

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I decided to make a come back this summer and bless everyone with my presence.  The first couple of weeks of playing in the summer tournaments in NYC was crazy.  Coaches heard I was making a come back and everybody was asking me to play in tournaments all over the city.  I was excited to get back on the court.  So far this summer has been a blast and I seen all my bball chicas. It was like a reunion.

I am playing in Rucker, Uptown Express, Hamilton Fish, Renee Taylor’s tournament, The Goat tournament, Norman Thomas, and West 4th.  Looking forward to next summer already.

Nike Women’s Rucker Park #15 Team #Douglas Summer 2011

-Lika Lemon

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